Compare Life Insurance Companies by State

Will you or your loved ones be protected in the event of an accident that causes you serious or fatal injury? While this is something that many of us don't even want to think about, the costs associated with hospital bills, funeral expenses and all of the other aspects of the aftermath of an accident can run into the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Don't Be a Statistic

Of the over 100 million households in the United States, one-third, or 35 million are not covered by any type of plan. And over 58 million households don't have adequate coverage.

Ironically, life insurance is the top source of the financial assets or income that Americans expect to be there for them in the event that the primary wage earner in the family dies.

But yet, there are many excuses given to explain why people don't purchase a policy. One of these is the assumption that life insurance is expensive. But the truth is that increased competition, increased life span and new types of policies have all contributed to making the cost of life insurance more affordable than ever.

Having adequate coverage not only means that your entire family is financially protected in the event that you become injured or perish as the result of an accident, but it can also give you great relief and peace of mind knowing that they won't be left with unmanageable expenses once you're gone.

Unfortunately, there is more than enough information available to make finding the right one both frustrating and overwhelming. However, we are here to help. You can find the policy that best fits your coverage and budget needs by using this site to compare life insurance companies for your state that have already been rated for your review.

We're Here to Assist You

Clarity about all of the information surrounding the industry is available here. Our easy-to-understand details will help you discover just how affordable a life insurance policy that protects your entire family can be.

What To Know Before You Choose

Before you choose a company, it's important to understand some of the things that can prevent you from finding the perfect provider and plan.

  • Not knowing the company before you sign up

Did you know that over one thousand companies in the United States offer life insurance policies? A lot of these are subsidiaries of parent companies, whose mandate is to help their parent company to more efficiently meet customer needs. Subsidiaries also help their parent companies offer policies which are in line with the legislation for each state.

Before choosing a parent company, ensure that it has a subsidiary for your state. Not doing so will render you unable to resolve any disputes you have with that company.

  • Not reading the fine print

Conducting due diligence by reading the fine print of a policy while you compare life insurance can help you ensure that the company you're signing up with is delivering on all of the promises it has made to you. Not doing so can result in you paying more than you expect for less than you need, not to mention possible future disputes which can incur prohibitive legal costs.

  • Ignoring the financials

The financial stability of the company you choose will be directly related to its ability to deliver on the promises in your policy. Choosing a provider means making a long-term investment. The stronger a life insurance company's financial foundations, the better.

Compare Life Insurance Companies

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Metropolitan Life Insurance Company

This insurance provider is definitely a household name in the industry, and with good reason. MetLife's straightforward approach to life insurance, coupled with a variety of plans that can be tailored to your individual needs, make it an easy choice for many people. They also offer retirement planning, annuity offerings, estate management, and comprehensive packages for any sized business.

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Colonial Penn Life Insurance Company

Fifty years of history and a long track record for old-fashioned customer service are just two of many factors making Colonial Penn a quality company. Guaranteed acceptance for those 50 and over is this company's specialty, with many benefit levels available for its other life insurance products. Policies are presented by age group, making them easy for would-be customers to locate.

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Transamerica Life Insurance Company

Over one hundred years in business and the initial ownership by a banker have served to make the Transamerica life insurance company unique. This company offers a range of financial products and services in addition to its life insurance options. Transamerica enjoys very strong financial ratings, as well as impressive capital and surplus funds of nearly $7 billion.

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New York Life Insurance Company

A 150-year track record and over $150 billion in assets, along with a focus on survivorship are what makes the New York Life Insurance Company an industry leader. NYLife aims to reduce policy expenses and cost of insurance while providing the maximum possible amount of coverage. This company offers two ways for customers to protect and preserve their wealth, while providing three choices for whole life insurance coverage.

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American General Life Insurance Company

13 million customers benefit from the choices they have at American General. Not only does this company offer over 160 years of industry experience, but it has had accreditation with the BBB since 1961. Customers have five options for insurance coverage, including select-a-term and index interest universal life. A personalized quote is available by getting in touch with this company via phone or email.

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  • One of the largest and most trusted names in the industry with a reputation for flexibility
  • Personalized service and plans tailored to your individual needs
  • Competitively priced premiums

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  • Long track record of over fifty years in service
  • Dedicated to old-fashioned customer service
  • Some plans don't require you to have a medical exam

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  • Policies available to customers all over the world
  • A wide range of financial products to complement their life insurance offerings
  • Very strong financial ratings

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  • Specializing in wealth protection and preservation
  • Incredibly flexible with a large number of options for their universal and variable universal policies
  • Focus on survivorship

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  • BBB accreditation since 1961
  • Five types of coverage available
  • Payouts exceed $30 billion

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  • Lower priced premiums than many competitors, including for higher-risk customers
  • Term insurance options for a variety of specific time periods, and from a wide range of payout benefit options
  • Whole insurance has amazing cash value growth potential, and includes a death benefit payout or the ability to receive dividends

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  • Both term and permanent options offer no rate increases, guaranteed, making payments easy to budget for
  • Those aged 50-85 need not worry about a medical with their Guaranteed Acceptance product
  • Money-back guarantee will return your paid out premiums after 30 days if customer is not satisfied

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  • Four types of coverage available, including universal and survivorship options
  • Customers can access financial planning in addition to life insurance from the same company
  • The whole life option allows for the building of cash reserves which can be accessed throughout the life of the policy

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  • The company's focus on survivorship makes it an excellent choice for couples wanting to secure their retirement finances
  • Customers can choose from three whole life options
  • Those looking for long-term coverage have 3 levels to choose from

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  • A number of levels available for both term and whole life coverage
  • Wide range of coverage options for universal life protection
  • Focused on giving the customer many opportunities to obtain coverage at reasonable cost

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  • Retirement planning, estate planning and management, annuities
  • Easy, online quotes for various services
  • Comprehensive packages available for personal or business

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  • Coverage is available for several age groups, allowing a number of generations to find coverage at a single location
  • Renewable term life option offers five benefit levels
  • Old-fashioned customer service ensures representatives available both online and offline to answer questions

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  • Easy quotes are available from the company's web site, which also offers informative pages about different life insurance policy types
  • Customers can access, maintain and edit their accounts, including their insurance coverage online
  • Time-tested experience from a company with a long industry history and a worldwide customer base

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  • Lifetime guarantee, no-lapse protection perfect for special needs customers
  • Reduced policy expenses are of much benefit to customers on tight budgets
  • Accelerated benefits allow money to be accessed when long-term care is needed

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  • Customers can request projected policy values from the company in order to customize their quotes
  • Some coverage offers the return of base premiums when policy is surrendered
  • Flexible options allow customers to change policy elements as their own needs change

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  • Top notch customer care representatives and agents
  • Local representation for personal assistance
  • Corporate support by telephone or email

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  • Old-fashioned service can be found both online and at brick and mortar locations
  • Patient representatives available to take questions over the phone
  • Personalized service is a hallmark of this company

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  • Excellent customer service has been reported to independent review organizations, which rated the company according to attitude toward and accommodation of customers
  • Simple quote request form for quick information
  • Agent locator available on the web site

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  • Comprehensive information available on site at one location
  • Easy access to customer care on the company web site
  • Excellent customer care ratings by top companies

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  • Comprehensive information located at web site allows all customers to educate themselves about available options
  • Corporate support available via phone or email
  • Over 160 years of experience goes into every customer call


Taking the Confusion Out Of Life Insurance Terminology

There are many terms associated with life insurance. But here are a few that you may encounter on your search for the right provider.

Term Life Insurance

This type of policy covers you for a specific period of time, or particular term.

Convertible Term Life Insurance

This type of policy frees you from having to medically qualify before you can convert to a different policy type, such as whole life.

Accelerated Benefits

A provision in a life insurance policy, accelerated benefits allow for someone who permanently resides in a nursing home or terminally-ill individual to receive part of their death benefit early.

Having all of the information you need to compare life insurance companies means that you never have to travel far to get the details about prices or providers. And, it can mean that you get peace of mind more quickly than you thought possible.

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