Understanding Life Insurance Companies in Louisiana

Finding coverage from life insurance companies in Louisiana doesn't have to be difficult when you have access to all of the information you need, and all in one place. Our site was created to give you the easiest and quickest access to ratings, average premiums and other details about the providers near you.

Your zip code is all that's required to find and compare the options that will be there for you and your family when you need it the most. With so much information available in one place, you can get signed up with a policy quickly and easily, giving you peace of mind that your family won't be left with your expenses once you've gone.

Preferred Life Insurance and Table Ratings

You may be eligible for this type of coverage if you have a healthy weight, are on no medications, get regular exercise and have rarely taken any prescription medications for illness. As well, you may qualify if your family members lived long lives free of major illness. A super-preferred rate means that you get the provider's absolute best premiums for coverage.

But the preferred rate isn't limited to super-healthy individuals. You may still get great rates on your life insurance, even if you are on medication and overweight. Examples may be a person who is on medication for high cholesterol, and is carrying around 10 or so additional pounds.

Those who are of average health with a good medical history will usually receive what's called the 'standard rate' of coverage. Beyond that, ratings are issued according to a table. These are also called 'table ratings', and they extend from an A to H ratings. The tables can also be numbered.

Insurance companies look at your health conditions and decide whether or not you will be rated. The bottom line is that every provider wants to give you the best rate possible so that you don't go elsewhere for coverage.

Types of Coverage

On your search for info on the best policy, you will see coverage types like whole, universal and term life insurance. But you will also see 'variable' versions of these common types.

Variable life insurance suits those policy holders who are willing to take a bit more risk with their policy. Offering permanent protection, variable life also offers account flexibility. Additionally, it provides your beneficiary with a death benefit, along with cash value accumulation that's tax-free. The amount of the death benefit varies in relation to how much in funds are returned by the cash value.

Variable life allows you access to funds whenever you may need them, for as long as your policy covers you. But there are is no guaranteed cash value amount, nor are there flexible premium payments.

Universal Variable life allows you more control over your cash value, paying a death benefit, and giving you options for your tax-free cash value. You can choose to have separate accounts for all your cash value investments, and can enjoy flexible premium payments. You will have to be involved with your investments, however; universal life investments are not managed by your insurance company or broker. As well, you may not have the same success with a universal variable life policy if your premium amounts are smaller.

Make sure you compare all of your available options when searching for life insurance companies in Louisiana.  Our website is your resource for identifying and asking the right questions, educating yourself on the important issues, and connecting with the right resources.

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