The Best Coverage For Small Bank Accounts

Article Posted by Expert Author: Adam Foley  on 04/08/2013

Millions of Americans don't have life insurance, simply because they feel it costs too much. But did you know that most of them are not only overestimating the cost, but by a whopping three times the actual amount? Among young adults who are putting off getting insurance, that overestimation rises to an incredible seven times.


The bottom line is that life insurance, at its most basic is incredibly affordable, even if your budget is incredibly tight. Experts say that if you're on a budget, purchasing as much basic term life insurance as possible, as soon as possible, as the younger you are, the less you will pay.


Basic term life is also the best idea for the budget-conscious due to its significant drop in price. Those who purchase basic term life insurance now will pay half the amount than those who purchased it a decade ago. Just how affordable is this type of life insurance? About $150 per year for a healthy individual of 30 years of age.


for more information about fitting life insurance into your budget, make sure you read through our free resources at The State Insurance Guide.  We have done much of the homework for you by explaining your options and helping you understand the terminology involved in the industry.


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