How To Find The Best Life Insurance Policy For Your Family

Article Posted by Expert Author: Adam Foley  on 09/03/2013

When searching for life insurance coverage, there are several things to consider. First of all, you need to figure out your reasons for taking out a policy in the first place. Do you want to give your family enough income to replace yours until they can find employment? Will your kids need help with their tuition? Do you want to give your family peace of mind, knowing that all of your medical and funeral expenses are taken care of? Getting coverage can mean that all of this happening is possible should something happen to you.

What Size Insurance Policy Will You Need?

This is likely the most difficult decision for many considering life insurance coverage to make, because it depends on several things. First, the policy you get will likely have to cover any funeral expenses, unless you have pre-paid for it. In addition, it will have to cover any costs associated with a hospital stay. Finally, and this is significant, it will have to be determined how much money your family will need to meet ongoing financial obligations, such as paying the mortgage, after you've gone. When figuring out the amount of the policy you may need, consider a figure that's 5 to 7 times the amount of your gross annual income.

Types Of Coverage

There are a few types of insurance coverage: term, universal and variable life. Term life insurance is a policy that can cover the holder for one to twenty years. Considered to be temporary, term life insurance may also allow for a renewal of the policy once the specific time period has expired. Many people choose this type of coverage due to the fact that monthly premium payments do not fluctuate.

Universal coverage allows policy holders the option to pay their premiums in any dollar amounts they prefer, and whenever they wish. However, there are certain rules that will need to be followed.

Variable coverage puts more control into the hands of the policy holder. The holder can choose to divide any premiums across several investments. However, the payout amounts for variable policies will depend on how well the investments do, which can pose some risk.

Comparing Companies

After you've decided what you want your policy to accomplish for your family, it's time to think about other factors which will help you decide which company and policy to go with. These will include monthly premium costs, the financial stability of the insurance companies you're considering and how long it's been in business, and how well they serve their customers.

Although pretty much all insurance companies have web sites, having a high number of them to consider may mean that some perfectly good companies go ignored. Thankfully, there are several resources which can help you sort through all available companies and receive multiple insurance quotes simultaneously.

It's important that, when looking for the right company, that you only pay for the coverage you need. As well, you will want to make sure that you get exactly the coverage you want. Although many things may have changed about the way people look for their life insurance companies and choose their level of coverage, there is still something to be said for convenience.

The great news is that all of your research can be conducted online, but the best way to conduct your research is to use a site that has all of the information you need in one place.  For instance, you can learn about the terminology that life insurance companies use; you can understand how they underwrite and structure policies, as well as determine the right type of policy for your particular needs.


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