Compare Life Insurance Companies - What To Expect At A Life Insurance Physical

Article Posted by Expert Author: Adam Foley  on 04/08/2013

The physical is a necessary part of qualifying for life insurance. Your state of health must be determined in order for your policy to be approved. Although there are many companies which advertise that a physical exam isn't necessary, having a health exam can actually benefit you, as it may actually lower your premiums. This is definitely something to consider as you compare life insurance companies in your state. So what should you expect when the time comes for your physical exam?


The Examination

A standard life insurance health examination will include the taking of your blood and urine, the measurement of your weight and height, and questions regarding your medical history. If you are over a certain age, usually 50, upper levels of life insurance coverage may require you to undergo in-home health monitoring (such as a heart monitor).


What Happens If A Condition Is Found


If the examiner has found that you have a medical condition, your premium may increase. If the issue found is not a permanent one, you may be charged a temporary, flat rate for your life insurance. However, if the condition is something that is more persistent or believed to be long-term, a 'table' rating showing increased premiums for the life of your policy may be offered.


For term coverage, most life insurance companies will require a physical so that the policy can be priced to reflect the risk based upon the the health of the buyer.  That's why it's advisable to purchase a policy when you are younger so that you can lock in great low rates for a number of years.


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