Why Folks Just Like You Trust American General Life Insurance Company

Article Posted by Expert Author: Adam Foley  on 11/22/2013

You are probably already well-aware that there are a lot of life insurance companies out there to choose from. Most people don’t realize just how many companies there really are until they start browsing online to compare life insurance quotes, and are faced with far more options than they were prepared for. Choosing the right company is one of the most important decisions you will ever make. Although there are a lot of fraudulent companies to be aware of, there are also a handful of companies that stand out from the rest; American General Life Insurance Company is one of them.

If your goal is to select from life insurance companies that are established with a trusted reputation, then American General Life Insurance Company should be on your list of top five life insurance companies to explore. Established in 1961, this is a leading company in the industry for a long list of reasons. Of course, this could be why more than 13 million people trust them with their life insurance policy. American General offers both permanent and temporary policies at several levels so it is easy to get the precise amount of coverage you need for our unique situation. Terms range from one to thirty years, and you have the option of renewing once the term has expired. From flexible premiums to fantastic customer service, this is a life insurance company that has gone above and beyond to earn its trusted reputation.

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